Goodbye to the furry one.

Had to say goodbye to my second long time furry companion yesterday. She had developed a severe kidney infection after being with me the better part of 17 years. Going to miss having her around, but hopefully she gets to chill with Snowball in cat Valhalla.

Last picture I took of her.

Being Productive

Finally broke down and started learning how to configure Powershell better for my needs, as well as learning how to use it better, and installed Git for Windows as well. Managed to figure out how to push my newly created Powershell profile files to my repository, and have them there now. Nice to finally get past my procrastination finally.

Been way too long…

I have been meaning to start work on this again, as I have not posted in around two years. With COVID-19 in full effect, and working from home, I figured it might be a good time to start catching up. Look for more in the next few days.

Been a while…

Decided it was time to check in here as I have finally started the hobby I have wanted to get into for a while. Just got a Nikon camera and lenses, and have started learning how to use it. Have a blog set up to put my photos up on along with thoughts/commentary regarding them.

WOW moments…

Ever meet someone that you just click with right off and completely blows you away? Someone that leaves you wondering how you could get so lucky, but at the same time why it took so long? This happened to me recently and I am still reeling. We have not been talking long, but so far she likes a lot of the same things that I do, and has similar views on certain subjects, like religion and such. I want to spend a lot of time with her to get to know her better, but at the same time want to take it slow and build a solid friendship first. This is a new experience for me and I want to savor every minute of it, and hope it lasts for the rest of my time on this planet (unless there is room on the rocketship for her too).

Alone in a group

Went out to dinner with a bunch of people from work at my usual Friday night place. Even though I know a good number of them, I still always feel like I am out of place, as I don’t really get into a lot of mainstream stuff, and am also the largest person there, which is something that can cause someone to be on the outside. Had a good time but still deal with feeling like an outsider. Guess that’s what comes from not really being into all of the same stuff as most people…

Intelligence Matters!

Ever had one of those moments of clarity when you discover something new about yourself? I was watching Elementary today and started thinking about why I like the shows I do. It dawned on me that most of them I watch because most of the characters in them are highly intelligent or function on a different plane of reasoning. Some of them I relate to due to the fact that they don’t let the preconceptions or strictures of the general public guide the way that they think or act, and therefore experience a freedom that most people will never get the chance to enjoy. Taking this into account I understand more of why some people may not be able to handle my views on many subjects. I see so many people trying to emulate the popular norm instead of embracing their individuality, even if it does not align with what everyone else thinks they should do. No wonder we live in such an unhappy world where everyone is labeled negatively when they are being themselves, or just not adhering to the social norm.

Oh well…

PS Took a week off and was glad I did.