Back hair…

I heard this being discussed over the weekend and is something that I can relate to.

A lot of men, especially larger built ones, have back hair and hair in greater volume than smaller men.  That we should be told that we need to ‘shave that shit’ or ‘get your back waxed’ is bullshit.  If you cannot take us for who we are then you can fuck off.  I have back hair, it is part of my self accepted ‘Beast’ persona.  It is a natural part of me and if someone is that offended by it then they can go away and not come back, as I do not need that kind of people in my life.  Want to spend time with a living blanket, then I’m your man.

Just another example of how society tries to dictate what is acceptable for people.

Updated: October 26, 2014 — 9:43 AM

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