Yeah, I have not posted in a bit…  Lots of things going on and just have not gotten around to writing here.

Woke up Friday and got a charlie horse in my calf…  Think that between it tightening and me moving it pulled my Achilles tendon giving me tendonitis…  Not fun at all having to use all my PTO to get better.

Phone interview with cPanel did not go as I had hoped.  Seems my Linux fu is not as good as needed.  Oh well.  Still putting out feelers to try and get a change of venue as I really need it.

Still really sick of people that cannot do simple things or use common sense when needed.  Is pretty bad when the whole world needs their hand held to do anything, part of the problem with becoming a more technical society.  Oh well, I still like my gadgets.

Lets see what the weekend brings.  Maybe I’ll find someone that tickles my fancy…

Updated: October 26, 2014 — 9:44 AM

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