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Roller coaster of life…

Well, I made it to 5 years at the same workplace. Unfortunately the week after sucked (workflow was crap and got less than I wanted to done) and had to sign a written warning as I nodded off for a sec during a meeting (get sleepy when bored or not doing anything actively). Hard to be fully awake when it is the last hour of your last day of work for the week and you are sitting in a meeting when the temperature is in the 60’s all night. Hoping that I still have a job when I get back as I really do not want to go looking for a new job. Oh well.

On the up side, I have started doing some serious work on learning C# and also HTML5/CSS. Am trying to be more productive with my ‘free’ time and all that.

Hopefully I have my job still and make it to my vacation I have put in for. We shall see…

Long time coming…

I know, it’s been a while since my last rant. Things have been moving along and have gotten somewhat better as I have a new position at work and making more in the range of what I needed to. Can at least get ahead on credit cards again after the medical problems this year.

Have signed up on a ‘dating’ site and also a kink/fetish one. Hoping to possibly meet some people that share my tastes and such to hang with or even more. Who knows.

More to come later. Time to start getting ready for bed.


New year, new problems…

Well, I was looking forward to the new year. Made it through to the 14th and celebrated my 45th. Yeah, I celebrated it alone but I did make it through. The the morning of the 16th arrived and I found that my life had changed forever. I know, people always say that, but most of us don’t realize what it means until it happens to us. A life altering event.

I woke up the morning of the 16th around 4am with a pain in my chest, the kind you get when you get a chest freeze eating an Icee too fast. After an hour or so of waiting for it to go away I finally drove myself to the ER (come to find out later that was an amazing feat in itself). When I got there they did all the initial things like an EKG and such. Nothing definitive was found. Over the next couple of days they did sonograms (ultrasound) of my heart and legs (most likely due to them being swollen most of the time slightly). Finally on Sunday the 18th they decided to do a Left Heart Catheter via my groin. Turned out to be a couple of blockages in the arteries around my heart. That’s when I knew that I had driven myself to the ER while having a mild heart attack. What a 45th birthday present eh? Find out later that night that they are going to do a second catheter to do angioplasty (the balloon to open up the artery/smush the plaque to the wall) and a stent (wire mesh tube pressed into place to open the artery with the balloon). Fun times, getting a hole poked in the same artery 2 days in a row.

Monday morning they take me and do the surgery and then ship me off to the ICU. One of the hardest things I have ever done was to lay in bed and not move one leg for 24 hours, as that side had to stay still for the artery to heal enough after being closed via direct pressure to the incision site. I have trouble enough laying flat in bed much less in an uncomfortable hospital bed. I was so happy when I got to sit back up.

Finally on Tuesday they moved me back to a normal room and then released me that evening. Bad thing is that even though they said I could go back to work the next day I would not make it back for another week. Wound up spraining my left knee and ankle trying to favor the right side as it still hurt from the incisions and then hurt my right foot favoring the left side. Am slowly getting back to where the right foot does not hurt a lot but it is taking it a bit. Just glad to have made it back to work as I had ran out of PTO and needed to start earning again.

Now I am on fun meds that make my blood thinner, keep my blood pressure down, and help to lower my cholesterol. And reading labels a lot more to check fat, sodium and the like. Guess I am officially old now.

After all of this I have decided that even though I have to watch my eating and all that, I am going to try to enjoy some other stuff more. I plan on getting out more, and not inhibiting some other aspects of my life that I have in the past. I figure that I’ve paid my dues and can now do some of the stuff that most every other person did in their youth. Watch out world, here I come!

Goodbye to one of the best friends a man could have…

At 9:30 AM I said goodbye to Snowball. I had hoped that he would have responded better to the medications but he has not. I’m glad for the near 14 years that i have had with him. Those of you that had the pleasure of meeting him know how special and loving he is. It would be awesome if each of you would stop and think about him or another special animal in your life for a few minutes today. Show them your love.




What a year…

Sometimes a new year is a welcome thing… After having the vertigo incident, pulling my Achilles tendon, and now my oldest cat being sick, I am ready for the year to be done. It hasn’t been all bad though. I have moved out of billing and into Linux support, have also volunteered for the program that monitors the entire corporation’s systems and acts upon ‘outages’ as needed, and learned a lot of new stuff. I am looking forward to hopefully a better overall year in 2015, even though I will be hitting the 45 mark. Maybe the downhill run will be easier. 🙂

4 years at the same job… Wow!!!

Decided to just buckle down and try to make work better.  Getting moved to Linux support has helped tons.  Not having to do Internal Support was a big help as that was most of my stress from day to day.  Position I am in now is more challenging (which I wanted) and also more relaxed at the same time due to not having to juggle 50 things at once.  Had to go back on graveyard for a while but has been worth it so far.  Have also stopped gaming nearly as much and spending more time learning Linux command line and such.

Life is better…


I used to do stuff.  In my younger days I would bike, walk and such.  I kept the house in better shape than I do now.  What happened to me I don’t know, but I really wish I could find the willpower to change my habits.  I tell myself I am going to do this or that at this time, then I just get to that point and want to do nothing.  I think it is because I have a lazy roommate and have gotten to the point where I don’t want to be the only one doing anything at the house and such so do nothing at all except work and play on the computer.

I think that I really need to get my own place again in the future and maybe find a companion that suits me to come over and help me be more motivated…  😀


Yeah, I have not posted in a bit…  Lots of things going on and just have not gotten around to writing here.

Woke up Friday and got a charlie horse in my calf…  Think that between it tightening and me moving it pulled my Achilles tendon giving me tendonitis…  Not fun at all having to use all my PTO to get better.

Phone interview with cPanel did not go as I had hoped.  Seems my Linux fu is not as good as needed.  Oh well.  Still putting out feelers to try and get a change of venue as I really need it.

Still really sick of people that cannot do simple things or use common sense when needed.  Is pretty bad when the whole world needs their hand held to do anything, part of the problem with becoming a more technical society.  Oh well, I still like my gadgets.

Lets see what the weekend brings.  Maybe I’ll find someone that tickles my fancy…

Hottest women in the world lists…

Okay, who comes up with these things???  Seriously, it’s pretty fucking bad to see people like Halle Berry, Megan Fox and the other overrated people on these lists.  Where are the really hot women like Sarah Rafferty, Kelly Reilly, Genelle Williams, and such?  I think that all of the people that make these so called ‘hottest women’ lists are really just trying to prove to themselves that most of the women they put on there are more than what they really are.  But hey, what do I know?

On a side note, all of the Firefly cast is going to be voicing their characters in Firefly Online…  How fucking cool is that?  😀

Oh yeah, new Mad Max looks like it will be worth the watch!